Welcome to the Oriel College Boat Club


For the past 35 years Oriel has dominated the Oxford intercollegiate rowing scene, topping the Easter bumps races (Torpids) for 25 consecutive years and the Summer bumps races (Summer Eights, in which university-level rowers are allowed to compete) more than any other college. The astonishing ascent up the bumps chart of Oriel's women's crews, following their admittance to the college in 1985, saw Oriel take the first ever Double Headship in Torpids in 2006. Both OCBC's Men's and Women's First VIIIs are in a position to claim Headship (the highest ranking in each competition); this spring for the Women, in Torpids, and this summer for the Men, in Summer Eights.


Oriel has a strong association with the University crews. In 2013, Oriel's very own Bridget Fryer was the President of the Oxford University Women's Boat Club as they won their Oxford-Cambridge boat race and this year Oriel's Malcolm Howard (two time Olympic medallist) has taken the role of President of the Oxford University Boat Club. That said, to row for Oriel, you do not need to have this level of experience. Rowing at Oriel is open to any member of the College irrespective of previous experience. It is in fact common for Oriel born-and-bred oarsmen to represent the first boat.

  If training for the first boat is not quite your idea of heaven, there are many other levels that you could compete at. The second boat, for example, has one of the best records in Oxford; but if the goal is to take it easy and enjoy how fun rowing can be in the sun, Oriel typically fields 5-6 crews a year to ensure that if you want to get involved, you can!

  John Faulkner currently heads the Men's senior squads with Louise Bowyer keeping a watchful eye on the novices to ensure efficient athletic development. After a series of excellent wins, the 1st VIII recaptured the headship in 2014, maintained it in 2015 and will look forward to defending it again in the 2016 season. James Armitage coaches the women's first VIII with the goal to continue their aggressive rise to regain headship in Torpids. Coxing is also a key strength within Oriel and we aim to ensure that they receive all the help they can, both experienced and novice coxes alike. Oriel currently has two coxes that have trialled for the University crews.

 To enquire about any aspect of rowing or coxing at Oriel, please contact the current captains, 

Stevan Boljevic (captain@orielrowing.org) or Morgan Baynham-Williams (mbaynhamwilliams@gmail.com).