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The Tortoise Club

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The Tortoise Club recognises and celebrates outstanding Oriel oarsmen and women and generously supports the Boat Club. The bond between current and former members of OCBC is exceptionally strong, reflecting the shared love of rowing and pride in the college. Tortoises maintain a close interest in OCBC rowing, are very generous financially and are invited to all principal Boat Club dinners. Below you can find links to view the current Tortoise Council members, as well as all the key dates of upcoming Tortoise Club events.


The Blades scheme, where Tortoises fund the Boat Club by annual direct debit, is the reason we are able to employ impressive and dedicated coaches. Most colleges have to rely upon subscription fees and paying their coaches by the hour. The Boat Club is extremely grateful for the munificence of the Tortoise Club. Click the link below for more information on the Blades schemes and supporting the Boat Club financially.

Below you can find the latest version of the Tortoise Club Constitution.

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