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Support the Boat Club

The Tortoise Club is proud to be OCBC’s primary sponsor, as part of its constitutional purpose to financially support the boat club.

The Blades Scheme is an annual subscription made by members of the Tortoise Club to OCBC. To become a Blade a Tortoise must give at least £200 a year, which can be done through the online portal. The scheme currently raises nearly £21,000 and provides the majority of the Boat Club’s annual funds, including the annual funding from the College. Our goal is to significantly increase this figure to ensure the continued success of the boat club.

A note from the Tortoise President:

”The Oriel’s success depends upon the munificence of those who came before.

I urge everyone to support the Boat Club however they can. It is a unique institution, at which the students do not need to pay to learn to row and where they have the opportunity to make their mark as those who came before them did. Bumps is an intergenerational sport and it is through the striving of many generations of Tortoises that Oriel has the storied name that we love and defend.

We wish to build up both the OCBC and the Tortoise Club so that they can thrive for many years to come, and I look forward to your help in doing so." - Robert Boswall 

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